Filmed New Video on Mikvah This Week!

This has been a busy week here at JITC! We filmed a new video on mikvah – our biggest production to date in terms of how long we filmed for, the amount of crew and actors we used, and the special effects which will, God willing, be in the video. I also spoke to a group of women in Brooklyn from RAJEon and will be giving three talks over Shavuos in Paramus at Congregation Beth Tefilla.

Next week, I have an interview scheduled with Panorama – a leading online news magazine in Italy. And a couple weeks after that, on Monday June 11th, at 5:15pm ET I’ll be interviewed on the radio – 1370 am WBZH which can be heard outside of Philly, and is streamed world wide at

JITC also recently took on a few new interns who will hopefully help us get some long awaited projects underway. That’s all for now. Have a great Shabbos and Shavuos!

JITC Makes it To Italy, A Radio Interview, and is An Influencer of The 30th Most Influential Jew
Jew in the City on the Front Page of the Jewish Press, Plus Two New Speaking Engagements!



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  1. Elisheva says:

    So–when do we get to see it????!!!

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