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Jew in the City: Freeda Wigs Makeover Edition

Jew in the City: Freeda Wigs Makeover Edition


Jew in the City gets ambushed by Freeda Wigs! It’s the world’s first sheitel makeover! (Video is meant for women.)




  1. Bli ayin hara you are so beautiful and modest! You are a light to everyone around you and a true example of jewish modesty and style.

  2. Thanks so much, Malka!

  3. I haven’t checked out your vids in a while. At first I thought you were going to end up with the same wig to be funny! LOL

    But seriously? You look FABULOUS! I love your new look!

  4. Thanks, Auriel!

  5. I’m not even Jewish and I absolutely love your website and bits of wisdom. Thanks for your continued enlightenment.

  6. I can’t believe what Muslim women are missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You, on the other hand, look superb in your new sheitl.

  7. That was nice of Rod Stewart to make an appearance at 2:37…

  8. That looks very impressing. I am a wig designer for years now and give education tot wig salons all over the world of the newest bonding systems also for hairpieces. What I see in this video is that the hair is from a high quality standard. I see the movements of the hair. Hopefully is the knotting and the caps also from the same quality as the hair.Keep up the good job Allison. Nice to see your video’s. Greetings from The Netherlands. David

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