WebYeshiva.org “On Becoming a Ba’al Teshuva” Is Ready to Watch

For anyone who missed or wasn’t able to sign up for the WebYeshiva.org mini-series I recently gave entitled “On Becoming a Ba’al Teshuva” I have uploaded all three parts on YouTube under a private setting. Since it’s in a very different style to the regular JITC videos, I decided not to broadcast it out to everyone, but rather offer it via email to whoever requests it. So if you’re a subscriber and want to see the classes, just hit “reply” and I’ll email them to you. And if you’re not a subscriber (wait, why aren’t you a subscriber? 😉 please email me at jewinthecity@gmail.com.

JITC on Ynet (Israel's Largest News Website) and Mavenmall.com
JITC at the Israel Day Parade!



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  1. Love the name of the class 😉

    thanks for linking it here. I have intended on taking the class but we just moved and I hadn’t the time available to do so and I was a little bummed about missing it.

  2. willem van utrecht says:

    Can you pls give me the address on youtube to see ´´On Becoming a Ba´ál Teshuva? Thanks in advance!

  3. I’d love to see the videos if you wouldn’t mind sending them!

  4. Would love to see them!

  5. Hi….I was really looking forward to watching these, but, as they’re not captioned or transcribed, I won’t be able to.
    Please consider doing this for Deaf and Hard of Hearing who are interested in becoming Ba’al Teshuva……there are so few resources as it is, and yours is one I’d really like to have access to. :)

  6. Would love to see them! Thank you so much!

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