JITC on Ynet (Israel’s Largest News Website) and Mavenmall.com


The coverage for JITC continues to expand! This week, Jew in the City had a lengthy profile on Ynet.com, Israel’s largest news website. The entire piece is in Hebrew, but the basic gist was that  Jew in the City harnesses comedy to teach people about Judaism and the tone was very positive.

Fortunately, for the non-Hebrew speakers, there was another beautifully written and lengthy profile on a lesser known site called MavenMall.com. Check out Lights, Camera, Kiruv.

I’ll be joining the Yeshiva University radio show next week, “Who’s on Furst,” for an interview about JITC and we’re planning to film a new episode the following week on the subject of science and Judaism which will open with a question from Mayim Bialik. Stay tuned for more info on both!



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