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Hello JITC friends and fans! There is so much to report since our Mayim Bialik fundraiser last Sunday evening which went about as well as it could have gone!

Since we had Mayim in town, we filmed her for a new episode on science and Judaism (a few hours before the event) where she spoke as both a neuroscientist and a Torah believing Jew. The second half of the script still needs to be written, edited, and memorized by yours truly. Props and costumes must also be collected, but we’re hoping to film in the next few weeks and release the episode shortly after that.

Back to the event – we were so fortunate to host it in a beautiful, large home and although our hosts only recommended putting 70 seats into the space they provided, we squeezed in an additional 30 and STILL had to turn away around 40 people who were emailing to come even an hour before we started!

The private reception for sponsors before Mayim’s talk was a huge hit and with a volunteer chef who laid everything out beautifully and a superb set of volunteers, everything looked and tasted great. (Our photographer, who’s also JITC’s camera guy took beautiful pictures which you can see on the JITC Facebook page.)

Mayim’s and my talks were very well received, and it was exciting to watch a JITC episode (we showed “The Jewish Afterlife”) with a live audience as the crowd roared with laughter a few times (at all the right places!) which we totally weren’t expecting. (The talk was recorded that evening and will be available to view online for anyone who donates $36 to JITC.)

We’ve already been approached by a few different people who want us to plan the next event! Nothing is definite, but people are asking for a JITC/Mayim Bialik trip so we’re going to start exploring such possibilities.

Since the event, I’ve been interviewed by a Cleveland based radio show “Shalom America,” which will be airing this Sunday. Mayim and I also have a radio interview at Yeshiva University on June 2. And I was just asked to come to the annual Israel Day Parade on Sunday, June 5th for a live radio interview which will be given by YU/Nachum Segal. Apparently the show will be mobile and streaming live as we go down the parade route, so if you’re there, look out for me at around 12:20PM!

My free three part WebYeshiva.org series begins next Monday night, May 23, and if you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here. The day after the first WebYeshiva class, I’m going to be heading to midtown Manhattan early in the morning to join “The Salon,” a women’s issues show hosted by the Forward’s Jane Eisner, which airs on the Jewish Channel. (Short clips of the show are available on their website.)

More articles and Q&A’s will be posted hopefully sooner than later, but I appreciate your patience as my time promoting the message of JITC is happening off the site now more than ever!



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