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The Maccabeats (Song) in the Latest Episode & Class Scheduled


I apologize for the lack of recent articles and Q&A’s posted. Besides being busy finalizing the new JITC episode on Shabbos (which we expect to release next week), I’ve been very busy planning the Mayim Bialik event to benefit JITC.

Here are some updates in the meantime: The new episode will feature a song from the Yeshiva University Maccabeats! The Mayim Bialik talk (on May 8, in Teaneck, NJ) will have sponsorship opportunities on several levels, and Mayim, in all her awesomeness, has procured a few copies of “The Big Bang Theory” scripts and cast photos – both signed by the entire cast, which will be available as part of a sponsorship opportunity at the event!

And finally, as I mentioned in a previous post, asked me to give some classes. So we have a three-part series beginning on Monday, May 23 at 8pm EST which will continue on the following two Mondays. The topic of the class will be “On Becoming a Ba’al Teshuva (a returnee to observance)” and the parts will cover, why I did it, how I did it, and how I maintained it. The classes are all free and are available to watch in archives if you can’t make it to the live classes.




  1. Wow. Kol hacavod, Allison!! Hope the benefit raises lots of money so you can make more videos and get through to so many other Jews!! Wish we could be there…

  2. WOW! you certainly have a lot going on! I wish you the best and I can’t wait to see the new episode 🙂

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