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Three and a half years ago, when I quit my Jewish outreach job in order to focus on an Orthodox image makeover campaign, I was one woman against the world(‘s misconceptions).

My original camera guy, who I’d made the first two videos with, told me he was moving across the country. So while I tried to figure out how to make more videos (with essentially no budget), I launched a very basic blog to keep viewers connected. I began to write weekly posts, and all writing, reader interaction, and site publicizing, was done by me, myself, and I. 

I wanted to turn the blog into a real site and get it out to more people, so I’d regularly conduct JITC strategy sessions which were always dismally quiet, as they took place only in my head! But then things started to pick up.

I found a local camera guy/video editor who was willing to work with me on the price and he took the quality of the episodes to a whole new level. I also raised a little bit of money in order to hire someone to implement the site design I was envisioning.

A little while later, I was contacted by a college student who lived in the city and had a passion for Jewish outreach, marketing, and social media. She (and sometimes her friend) became JITC’s intern(s). 

Shortly after that, a guy from Philadelphia contacted JITC to say he was interested in helping to research questions if we received more than I could handle, and thus the JITC research assistant came on board.

JITC even has a volunteer administrative assistant who’s been tremendously helpful with data entry and other organizational matters. Other generous people have contributed their knowledge along the way in areas like marketing, SEO, and fundraising.

As we begin to explore launching a follow-up program, to check in with people who we’ve been in touch with JITC for questions and referrals, I realized that the original JITC tagline was extremely out of date.

JITC is no longer only “One Orthodox Jewish woman breaking down stereotypes and offering a humorous, meaningful look into traditional Judaism.”  JITC has become a team, and thus the tag line now reads “Breaking down stereotypes about religious Jews and offering a humorous, meaningful look into Orthodox Judaism.” The “About” page has also been updated to reflect these changes.

We just wrapped up filming episode 3 (of Season 2) which will be released shortly, and are now planning a fundraiser with actress, Mayim Bialik, which will take place in Teaneck, NJ on May 8th. (More details to come.)

JITC was launched because I saw there was a problem that needed fixing, and with the help of committed volunteers and loyal fans, we’ve steadily grown and with your continued support we’ll, God willing, only grow more!




  1. You’ve come a long way! I’m sure your team is happy that they got their shouts out! LOL

  2. Allison, JITC made a difference in my life and probably countless others. Kudos to you and the entire team.

  3. Allison,
    You and your team are truly wonder-people! I can’t imagine doing all that you do with a family and new baby. I love your work and come to it often for insight. Thank you and best of luck in the future!!

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Allison is the Founder and Director of Jew in the City. Please find her full bio here.