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A Chanukah Medley


It’s Chanukah at Jew in the City. Here are some past Chanukah posts you can enjoy over some latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (jelly donuts).

Are you making latkes from scratch this year? Homemade latkes take quite a bit of effort, but are definitely worth it in the end. Find out what else in life is worth some extra effort.

Also learn how a Droid cell phone game can teach us a deeper meaning about the miracle of Chanukah.

And finally, everyone enjoys gold-covered chocolate Chanukah gelt, but how about people that eat real gold? What’s the Jewish take on that?

Happy Chanukah!




  1. I made latkes from scratch. A first for me, and they were quite tasty. And probably fattening. EEEEK!!

    Got a shock though when looking at them and realizing I had eaten these before with my grt grandmother. I just thought she was holding out on me with her delicious talent for making “potato cakes”!

    Though they kept their Jewish blood a secret, some clues still managed to leak out.

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