Crying Babies, Self Esteeem, and Can Openers


While Allison takes some time off from writing new posts in order to spend more time with the new addition to her family, Jew in the City is going to spotlight a few articles from earlier months and years on the site, to help you discover some articles you might have missed the first time around, or to give you a chance to rediscover an article you liked.  Today’s serving includes:

Crying It Out what sleeping training a baby can teach you about life’s hardships – and about God.

Self-Worth? Priceless (The Jewish Perspective on a Healthy Self-Image) on teaching your children (and yourself) what self-esteem is really about.

When The Can Opener of Life Seems to be Going Nowhere Fast on life lessons learned from a can-opener.

Hope you find reading these enjoyable and enlightening!



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