JITC Turns 3!


It’s hard to believe, but it was just a little over three years ago that I told my husband (who still had one year left of lawschool) that I wanted to quit my jobs to start JewintheCity.com. I was the main breadwinner at the time – working at two Jewish outreach organizations – and to my husband’s credit, he didn’t try to commit me, despite the fact that there was no seed money or specific backers of this soon to be launched site.

I had made a few videos at that point which had been received quite well, and I felt it was time to start putting more effort into the Orthodox Jewish makeover campaign that I was dreaming about.

We didn’t know where the money was going to come from, but we figured between student loans and his first pay check being less than a year away, we’d somehow manage. Plus, I was not so secretly hoping that a philanthropist interested in Jewish continuity would stumble upon the site one day, fall in love with the concept, and send a big check to help JITC grow and flourish.

I’ve immensely enjoyed writing posts, answering readers’ emails both publicly and privately, having one on one telephone appointments with many of you, and of course making the videos! But besides the cost of running a site (web design, upkeep, and hosting, video filming and editing, marketing, etc.) since I’m a mama, I have an added expense of childcare.

With child number four on the way soon (please God), we will have yet another expense to contend with for the site, which at this point is not worked out. Without childcare for this new baby, I will be extremely limited in the amount of time I can devote to creating content for the site, both written and videos, as well as privately answering the questions and issues you guys send my way.

I basically launched JewintheCity.com at the start of the recession, and I know that many people are still facing tough economic times, but I’m asking everyone today to contribute as much as they can. If you’ve benefited from the site in any way or feel that its existence is good for the world in general, please give something even as little as $5. If you can afford to give $20, $50, $100 or anything more, any amount will be appreciated. Please click here to donate.

If you’d like to sponsor some of the work that goes into the site, here are the sponsorship amounts:

Private email Q&A: $75

Telephone counseling session: $75

Article on the site: $150

Q&A on the site: $150

Video: $1000

Thank you for your generosity and please post your donation amount in the comment section (either anonymously or with your name) so that others will be encouraged to give too.

May you and your families be sealed in the book of Life.




  1. $36 L’zechus refua shalema of Hannah Vinitsky, and for the yahrtzeit of Bracha Elisheva bas Kaila, may her neshama have an aliyah.

  2. $36

  3. $36

  4. $32

  5. Alison, I appreciate all of your blogs/vlogs and would be happy to donate. However I have had some identity theft and would prefer to use a more secure site. Have you set up a paypal account? If Fractured Atlas has one I will make a payment tomorrow. Good luck in the future and have an easy fast.

  6. $36 in the merit of a refuah shlaimah for Linda Jones and Avigael bat Sara.

  7. $50 in honor of my husband, Ben, who will be spending this coming year in Iraq. May he have a safe return.

  8. $10

  9. $100 – in honor of my son Ven who is having some health problems. and as a thank you for you all you have taught me through your site. I found Judaism in part with the help of your site. I know you weren’t looking to proselytize, but what can I say? hehe things happen! thanks 🙂

    (I am sorry this is late but I was financially unable to donate before this week. Had to wait til my husband got paid 😉 )

  10. $5

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