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On Vacation


Sorry that there’s no new post this week. Even bloggers need some time off! My kids  have been on vacation since last Thursday and we’ve been in Florida visiting family, getting some sun, and celebrating my 30th birthday! I’ll be back to regular posting next week and should begin filming the first couple episodes of Season 2 in the next few weeks.




  1. Bloggers definitely need some time off!

  2. Hello — I just wanted to say hi and excellent website! I just discovered it. I have been reading on and off about traditional Judaism for a couple of years. You are a great leader in helping people uncover some realities and debunk myths. I was raised Reform. I was amazed to discover some things as an adult, such as “Sukkot lasts how many days???” I am still Reform, not having changed my practices that much, and I am intermarried with a non-practicing Christian, raising our daughter Jewish. But I am learning and remaining open-minded. Thanks!

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