Join us at our 5th Annual Orthodox Jewish All Star Awards, November 5!

New Video Up and Please Vote for JITC!


We just released “Jew in the City Season One Bloopers” because they’re fun to watch and in keeping with the mission of Jew in the City, they’re also myth debunking. Many people assume that Orthodox Jews are always serious and don’t ever let loose. Seriousness, of course, has a time and a place, but so does having fun!

Also, JITC was the highest rated Jewish blog in the religion category of the Blogger’s Choice Awards for 2009. There’s no official award for best Jewish blog or for coming in 7th place (I think that’s about where it fell out), but JITC was up against hundreds and hundreds of blogs in that category. Thank you for your support in helping JITC place so high in 2009 and please vote here to help get JITC in a top stop for 2010. (If you forgot your username and password from last year, they’ll email you a new one.)



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