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New Site is Up – Switch Your Bookmark!


For anyone who hasn’t noticed yet, we launched the new site this week. Make sure to check out the cool new features on the video page, the new social media buttons where you can join JITC on twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Also please take advantage of the search engine on the site that finally works!

Some people have had trouble getting to the new site because they’re using the old bookmarked version of it. If you’re reading this now you obviously got here, but if you hear of anyone who’s having trouble getting here, please have him or her reset the book mark.

The Feedburner emails subscriptions don’t work for old email updates and didn’t send out the article “Hollywood Hasidim” I posted a couple days ago, so please check that out yourself and give us a bit more time to work out the last few bugs.





  1. Way to go – I like it a lot! 🙂

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