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"The Jewish Afterlife," Episode 7

“The Jewish Afterlife,” Episode 7


Does Judaism believe in an afterlife? Watch this video to find out.




  1. Bravissima!!!

  2. Thanks, Ashley. I like how you stuck with the music theme!

  3. Kol HaKavod! Love it!

  4. just lovely………..

  5. oooo special effects….it appears you have upped your game regarding the video production!
    looking good…
    thanks for the video

  6. Very very Good.
    J’aime votre style.

  7. Merci, Natan!

  8. I loved this… i sort of found your page by accident but I think this is great!

  9. I grew up in Conservative Judaism—and I’m pretty sure the Pentateuch says nothing about the after-life.

  10. You’re correct, Joey. There are no explicit references to the afterlife in the Five books of Moses, but the Torah is not our only book. The Talmud is also a central Jewish text and discusses the afterlife. I’ve heard people say that the reason the Torah doesn’t mention life after death is because Judaism is very focused in the goings-on of this world – not living life simply for the rewards of an afterlife.

  11. I thought that this was interesting. But, I am glad that I am Christian and that I have the New Testament to study. In my church, we are reviewing a 10 part video titled “Heaven”. Its a real eye opener.

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