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Harvard Bound


Well, I’ve made it to Harvard. Actually, my blog has. Not that my blog is at Harvard, but rather Harvard will be studying my blog. And when I say “Harvard will be studying my blog”, what I really mean is that one class at Harvard – a blogging class (a blogging class?) – has added to it’s blogroll. Well, actually, one professor has added to the blogroll. (Among many others.)

I was very excited to see on the blogroll until I read the disclaimer above it: The following blogs are good examples of the genres under which they are listed. Not all of them are here because they are good. Not all of the good ones are here. Hmmm…so does that make a good blog or just a good example of a blog? Maybe I can post an anonymous question in the comment section and find out.

Whatever the case, apparently falls under the category of “specialized chronicle”. I don’t actually know what that means, (hey, I never took a blogging class) but my hunch tells me that the more I talk about being on a Harvard class blog and the less I talk about my specialized subject (Orthodox Jews and Judaism) the more I veer away from my specialized genre. (Please don’t take me off the blogroll, Professor Soutter, I’ll get back on topic soon!)

Now that I know that Harvard is reading, I’m going to start using words like “antidisestablishmentarianism” and “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”. Just joking. I would never use a word like “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”. It’s not even a real word. According to Wikipedia it’s a “factitious” word, which believe it or not is actually a real word that means something like fictitious. And speaking of Wikipedia, check out a recent addition to this entry (footnote 28). (Oh, baby!)

In other JITC news, I was contacted by the press twice this week. (Doesn’t that sound cool? I felt cool.) I’ll be appearing (well, it’s not actually appearing if it’s on the radio, now is it?) on the Tamar Yonah radio show for 45 minutes this Monday night (Tuesday morning) at 12AM EST. The show will be live and callers are welcome. (The call in number is free for USA and Canadian and Israeli listeners at: 1-800-270-4288.)

I have some upcoming newspaper articles that will be out next month and will also be releasing episode 7 of Jew in the City in the next few weeks. And if you haven’t yet, please follow me on twitter, join the JITC Facebook group, vote for JITC on the Blogger’s Choice awards, and send this site to your all friends and family. (Just tell them that Harvard recommends it.)




  1. Mazel tov!
    Now, whether your blog is of the “good” or “bad” sort (I’m sure the former!), either way, if the students are studying your blog, hopefully you’ll get feedback. So in the end, I cannot envision anything but this being to your benefit.
    I also thought the idea of a blogging course to sound far-fetched, but I decided to do some research.
    From : “This course teaches blogging as an emerging journalistic form that combines the best elements of reporting with a new style of succinctness and creativity. Readings cover the best (and worst) of political, art, lifestyle, and personal blogs, and students practice writing in each of these genres. Students learn the ins and outs of the technical side of blogging including graphics and layout, interpreting traffic data, selling advertising, and building an audience. This course emphasizes the excellent writing and organizational skills that a compelling blog requires, and prepares students for careers as creative journalists or successful freelancers in the digital world. (4 credits)”
    That course actually sounds pretty decent!

  2. My husband was rather shocked when I informed him professors were reading my blog and using them in their classes. Whether they consider our blogs “good” or “bad,” I’m sure we give them a dynamic look into the Jewish blogging community.
    Can’t wait to see the news articles!

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