"Mayim Bialik/Blossom Asks: Are Orthodox Jews Sexist?" Episode 6

“Mayim Bialik/Blossom Asks: Are Orthodox Jews Sexist?” Episode 6


Mayim Bialik guest stars on a very special Jew in the City and wants to know: Are Orthodox Jews sexist? Watch this video to find out.




  1. very nice!!

  2. Another awesome video. I’ll be crossposting it to my blog!

  3. Thank you sooo much for this wondrful insightfull and creative way of explening things…was thinking specialy helpfull for men….jewish males? ups 🙂 toda raba

  4. This is great! if I can just make a suggestion — you are talking a bit fast!

  5. I’ll post it to my blog, weatherunderground, and facebook. Awesome video!

  6. great video! (and i’m not saying that just because i’m a female…)

  7. This is an adorable video. I love the way you presented it with a lot of humor. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Great video, good humor. (I loved the apple falling from the sky.)
    Your note on the home being the center is of course trenchant and incisive.

  9. You were crossposted on Jewschool.com. Great video. Thank you for what you do, and slow down a bit 🙂

  10. Even though I’m Mormon, we’re conservative with most members falling into traditional gender roles. I love your explanation! It’s perfect!

  11. Julie Leischner : June 15, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    Hi there! While I wasn’t raised in Judaism, I really appreciate your handling of the sexism issue. I like what you say about the differences between men and women being differences…not that one is better than the other. ANd yes…we all know who really is in charge at home! Will enjoy following you! I subscribed to your feed:)

  12. Diane Richards : July 14, 2012 at 1:20 am

    Hi – I just stumbled upon your site & love it. I am a devout Catholic who grew up in Rockland County, NY and went to public schools with a large Jewish population. At one point I worked in Monsey so I came in contact with Orthodox &. Hasidic Jews all the time. Like any other group I found some nicer than others & there were a few oddballs…. Lol.

    What upset me were the teenage brides who had a toddler, infant & were pregnant. Most of them looked miserable & some even told me that they were unhappy. Now I live in Pennsylvania & have contact with Amish & Mennonites & see a lot of the same behaviors-young girls married & bearing children long before they are old enough to purchase alcohol. I don’t like the entrapment of women by any faith/culture using sexist or biased mores.

    Thanks for the very humorous, informative, & well – done videos-they are terrific!

    Keep up the good work!


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