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JITC on TV and on the Radio!


Hi there! I just wanted to remind you to set your DVR, Tivo (or VCR, if anyone’s still got one of those) for my upcoming Friday, May 29th appearance on TLC’s What Not To Wear at 9PM EST with Mayim Bialik. I can’t guarantee how much of the show I’ll be on, or whether or not what I say will be particularly profound (for some reason they wanted to control the direction of the interview!), but I’m at least hoping that the tiny sliver of my outfit that they caught on camera will look good. (Do you know how hard it is to shop for an outfit if you’re going on a make-over show and you’re supposed to be the one giving out the advice?!)All of the unknowns surrounding the show are, of course, worrisome for a worrier like me, but the way that I’m looking at this is that I get my first televison interview over with, and if it’s completely awful, hopefully viewers will be distracted by lots of Blossom hats instead of me!

Also, I was just interviewed for Arutz Sheva radio about JITC today. The show will be airing online this Sunday at 12PM EST for the first time, and should be up on the site with a permanent link soon afterwards which I will post as well.




  1. Adirah from Australia : May 27, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    PLEASE do post the show on your website, Allison, or provide a link if you can, for those of us who live ‘down under’.
    I absolutely LOVE your posts and look forward to seeing your ‘episode’ of ‘What not to wear’.
    Chag sameach!!

  2. i saw you!!! (watching on DVR. my husband thought i was nuts to be so excited!)

  3. i still haven’t seen me! (i’ll hopefully catch all five seconds of my glory tomorrow!)
    we women have a right to get excited over the silly things that excite us.
    men do it too. they just call it “sports”!

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