Financial Freedom Through Matza


If you’re looking for financial independence in these rough economic times look no further than the matza that will sit on your Seder table tomorrow night. I’m not speaking of a matza investment or even a matza scam, but rather a lesson about freedom contained within matza itself.

Matza is the poor man’s bread, known as lechem oni in Hebrew. It’s got nothing to it but itself – flour and water. There’s no eggs, no yeast, no oil, no sugar, not even air in this bread of affliction. It is what it is, and there’s nothing you can take away from it, which is why it’s the freest bread around.

When it comes to most of us, though, we’re actually quite enslaved without even realizing it. We define ourselves by our professions, our homes, our cars, our stuff. Take some or any of it away – like rocky economic times can do – and what are we left with? Who are we left as?

The quickest way to become financially independent is to stop defining yourself by your finances. With more bad economic news coming out nearly every day, the only thing that we can be sure of is how little control we actually have.

The only job that you can’t get fired from is being yourself. The only thing that you can guarantee will never decrease is the goodness you put into the world. Some of us are in the thick of it right now. Others might see such difficulties around the corner. With God’s help it will all end soon, but in the meantime, with Passover only hours away, let’s be sure to heed the call of the matza.

Happy Passover!
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