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What Are Your Favorite JITC Posts?


What Are Your Favorite JITC Posts? Something you’ve seen on the video page? A certain article? An answer to a question I got from one of you? If you had to narrow it down to your top FIVE favorite posts on, whether they made you laugh or think or feel inspired, what would they be? I’m populating my “Best of” list, and I’d like it to be based on what you guys consider to be the best content you’ve seen here. (Once we have some winners, I’ll try to create more content of the same kind.) So please, use the new search engine to find old posts that are still on your mind, or dive into the topics and archives sections and look for something you haven’t seen yet. Then please cast your vote either in the comment section below or via email. The selections with the most votes will soon be at the top of the page.

Thanks for your help!




  1. “Do Dates” was the funniest blog ever!

  2. We like your text but we love your videos. You shatter nasty myths about Jews with a disarming grace.
    David at

  3. Every video just gets better and better…so i guess my latest favorite is on Drrrty Jewish women…

  4. Thanks, David. But which one? Which video would you stick in a Best of list?

  5. Loved the “hole in the sheet” one because it was amusing. And the nidda one was great explanation!

  6. My favorite video was the one about covering your hair. Funny with a great message, like all your vidoes and posts.

  7. All of your blog post’s are wonderful. Kosher diet has spoken to me the most. Really I do feel much better and healthier now that I’ve become religiously kosher.

  8. Must tell you- I found your blog by accident, and love it to pieces!
    Which post? Well, I really liked your video on why women cover their hair.

  9. I will also add in that the video on Kashrut was really helpful for my husband. In fact, he really enjoys all your videos because you explain so eloquently the concept of Jewish tradition (and he isn’t Jewish).

  10. thanks to everyone who commented so far, but at this rate the list is going to be all videos – any posts from the blog or Q&A that you want to see in the “Best of” list?

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