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The Solution: Just a Squirt


I get really excited when I find cheap gas. I get that from my mother. I don’t know why exactly finding cheap gas evokes such a reaction from me, but it doesn’t make much sense (or cents). After driving around town to find the station with the least expensive gas, my savings never amounts to more than like 46 cents, yet whenever it comes time to re-fuel, I can’t help but get excited at the possibility of finding cheap gas all over again!

I also don’t like wasting, which I also get from mom, which is why when my husband recently wanted to throw out his contact lenses, after just one use, I asked him, “Are you crazy?” He had just put in a fresh pair that morning (the kind that lasts a couple months), but it was 10 PM on Christmas Eve and he was fresh out of solution.

I suggested that we call our neighbors. Surely one of them had some spare solution as the building is full of Orthodox Jewish families who all seem to have awful vision. (It should be noted: Jew in the City is meant to break down stereotypes about Orthodox Jews, but bad vision among the Orthodox is not a stereotype – it’s a cold hard fact. I have never seen so many people who can’t see any people (without the aid of corrective eye-ware) since I became religious. I think it comes from being the people of the book or something. I guess my ancestors stayed away from enough books in their years of assimilation to grant all the kids in my family 20/20 vision!)

We called my friend Elana whose husband, Yossi, answered the phone. Elana, he said, did in fact wear contacts, but when I asked him if she had any spare solution, he apologized and explained that not only did she not have an extra bottle, the bottle she had left was almost empty. I told him that it was OK, though, because we didn’t need a whole new bottle. All we needed was a squirt – to get us through the night – until my husband could buy more solution in the morning. Well, as soon as I put it like that, Yossi was more than happy to help out. They had so little solution themselves, but it was still enough to make a difference to us.

We’re in tough economic times right now. People are losing their jobs, losing their savings, and in some cases, losing their minds. There are very few people who are in a position to give large charitable gifts these days, so I’m not asking for anything large. needs your help – but only a squirt. Only a small amount that you won’t miss – be it $5, $10, $20. Whatever it is that you can spare will help the efforts of Jew in the City to continue.

I left a good paying part-time job a year and a half ago so that I could direct my time and energy to Jew in the City. Forgoing a salary was hard enough, but having to come up with funding to improve the site, make more videos, and promote it all is quite burdensome and takes my focus away from the stuff I love most – creating new content and being in touch with you guys.

I hope, in time, with increased visitors, that the site will fund itself through online ads. But in the meantime, please help Jew in the City get through “the night” until the day comes when your donations won’t be needed any more.

Thanking you, in advance, for your generosity!

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