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Well, I think I’ve done it. I think I know what the next “it” gadget is: Hands-free, voice-free typing technology. We’re talking emails via mental telepathy, people. Blogging with only that voice in your head. Facebook statuses updated by merely thinking about it. I could really use something like that just about now as I’m having a hard time juggling my three kids (including a two month old), my household, regular blogging, answering your emails, calling you guys back, talking to my mom (she talks a lot like me, or rather I talk a lot, like her)…and, oh, publicizing all of this. 

My mind is feverishly writing most of the day – it’s just that my hands are either driving, shopping, holding a baby, making dinner, or breaking up fights (the two big kids seem to enjoy those a lot these days). So since this technology has not arrived yet – remember, people, you saw it here first – you’re stuck right now (like my family is tonight for dinner) with leftovers.

Here’s a main:

New Year’s Resolutions and Stinky Pantries

Here’s a side: When The Can Opener of Life Seems to be Going Nowhere Fast

(Sorry, guys, we only eat dessert around here on Shabbos.)

New material will be up, as soon as I can put this baby down (he’s been very fussy today). And if you get bored waiting, vote for the blog on Blogger’s Choice Awards, join my Facebook group, and/or send me a tax-deductible donation so I can hire a babysitter! 🙂

Also, if anyone out there is interested in volunteering their time/knowledge in regards to PR/marketing or just general organizing of everything I’m trying to do, please email me here.

Thanks and enjoy!



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