Launch Party!


 Hey there loyal readers! I just wanted to welcome you to my brand new site. I have literally been trying to get this thing built for a year, so I’m thrilled that it’s finally done. As you can see from the home page, there are some new features available on the site including: a Q&A section where you can email me your questions (which will be anonymously posted with my answers), a video page where I’ll be launching five new videos over the coming months, and a Talk to Me page where you can request a telephone appointment with me to discuss any Jewish questions or issues that are on your mind.There’s also a JITC store, where you can buy cool JITC paraphernalia to support the cause and help spread the w ord. And finally lets not forget the donate page, which will enable you to give a tax deductible gift to help keep JITC going strong.

Now that I’ve worked hard to do my part all you have to do is visit often and make sure to tell your family and friends!


It's a Boy! (and new videos starting next week!)
"A Sticky New Year!" video



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  1. new site looks wonderful!

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