God Versus the American Dream

Check out the article I wrote for World Jewish Digest. (This paper is defunct now due to the economic crisis, so please excuse the copy I’m linking to. It’s all that’s left online at this point.)

I Had a Dream
Ahh...The Sweet Smell of Fiscal Sponsorship



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  1. The link to your article is broken. 🙁
    That aside, I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog. I’m reading the back posts right now. I’m not Jewish, but I have had and still have some friends who are, and I also have a Jewish uncle. This helps me gain more insight into things that are important to many of them, as well as exposing me to a point of view that is very similar to mine in some way and very different from mine in others.
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the broken link, SK. I’m afraid the cached copy I just linked to will also stop working eventually, though I have an adapted version of this piece under “Sleepless in New Jersey.”
    Glad you’re enjoying the site!

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