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I pride myself on generally writing complete blog posts with beginnings, middles, and ends, but due to some random thoughts I've been having (of late) on some very random subjects, I've decided to share some of these musings with you today for the sake of randomness and overall good fun:

I recently coined the term "snocolate". It came to me one Shabbos afternoon several months ago upon seeing my two year old daughter's face. She had been consuming large quantities of chocolate as children often do on Shabbos afternoons under the guise of "the Shabbos party". Since I didn't grow up religious, I never partook of these so called "Shabbos parties" personally, but it's a great arrangement these kids have got going for themselves: a weekly parent approved junk-fest in order to honor the holy Sabbath in the currency that speaks most clearly to children – candy. (And no, I'm not the least bit bitter that I missed out on these festivities in my youth.) But back to the snocolate…it came to me in a moment of necessity as the gooeyness my daughter was covered in was more than just mere chocolate. Her nose had been running profusely into the candied mess below, and in my best effort to describe the situation at face, er, hand rather, the word "snocolate" thus was born. Thank God for soap.

And speaking of soap, when I was giving my daughters a bath the other day (and it should be noted, to my husband's credit, that he is the more regular giver of baths) I started singing, "Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh" and suddenly it occurred to me that someone should come out with a children's soap called "Winnie Sham-Pooh." That would be great fun, wouldn't it?

And speaking of children's soap, if it can be made tear free, I mean, if the tear free technology exists, then why on earth do we adults continue to suffer with tear full soap? Why aren't we concerned about protecting our eyes from those blasted tear causing additives?

And speaking of eyes or rather, pupils to be exact, a friend of mine recently asked me to help her come up with a name for a student's group dedicated to character refinement and growth. So I suggested the name "Pupils With Scruples". Try saying that ten times fast.

And speaking of fast, I'm outta here.



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