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Last night I dream blogged. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, you should be. I just invented it. I don't know if any other bloggers (or wannabe bloggers) are guilty of this, but last night, while I was dreaming, I blogged. But I didn't just dream about sitting at a computer and writing a blog. That would have been far more normal than what I did. No, the way that I dream blogged was by first dreaming about a crazy experience and then in my "dream" head narrating what lesson I had learned in order to blog about it. I know it's weird, but it's the truth. What kind of a person would lie about dream blogging, anyway?

In my dream I was driving down a highway feeling upset about something and at one point I realized that it wasn't safe to drive in such a condition (safety first, kids!), so I pulled off the road into an office complex, but instead of just stopping there, I kept driving the car up some stairs that were in the parking lot and didn't stop until the car bumped into a building that was there. Fortunately, I didn't get into a "dream" car accident (you could end up with a lot of "dream" medical bills from one of those), and I was all prepared to just turn around and leave how I had come in, but when I looked behind me and saw all the stairs I had just driven up, I was terrified.

I used to think that people only got to the bad places they got to in life slowly, but after this dream, I realized that while I'm sure the ground work for getting to the wrong place does happen over a period of time, a person could just wake up one day and feel completely overwhelmed, not knowing when or how he got so far from where he meant to be, having absolutely no idea how to get back to a better place.

But what I dream blogged last night and what I'll awake blog right now, is that it doesn't matter how  quickly you got there or why you ended up there. The road to return happens, slowly, one step at a time no matter where you are. And it's never too late to start. Whether in dreams or in real life.




  1. Do you see colors in your dreams? Are you able to read in your dreams?

  2. I dream exclusively in color. I have attempted to read before in dreams and have been shocked to find that the words were complete gibberish once I looked at the page. I have spoken some French and Hebrew in dreams at times too.

  3. I was able to read signs in my dreams, not sure about books.

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