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Paint Plan


If you’re reading this blog right now, you’ve either got some extra time on your hands, or you don’t, but you’re trying to avoid whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing. You know who you are. Whatever your reason is for being here, if I could encourage you to dedicate an additional five minutes of your free or procrastination time to watching the video below, this post will be a lot more meaningful. (Note: the video will only make sense if you watch it until the end, but it’s worth it.)

The video is called "Paint Jam" and has been viewed on You Tube over ten million times, mostly because the artist Dan Dunn has mad art skills, but maybe also because it conveys a deeper message. In the video, Dunn dances around as he paints a larger than life canvas with seemingly meaningless lines, splotches and squiggles. Although at first, I thought he was painting a dragon, the image quickly became as nonsensical as a Jackson Pollack.

The guy takes his time as he’s doing this, the music switches, changing moods, speeds, and painting techniques. I actually got a little bored waiting for the pay off. And then about four and a half minutes into the video, he flips the canvas around and suddenly all those seemingly meaningless splotches and squiggles make total sense.

As I watched this, I realized that this canvas was a actually reflection of our lives. There are many times in life when we don’t understand why certain events or situations happen. They seem unfair, pointless, not leading up to the goals we envision for ourselves. But we have to recognize that just as Dunn’s painting was incomprehensible and his different paint strokes seemingly unrelated, in the end, given enough time and the right perspective it all made sense. In our lives, too, a Paint Jammer is at work.




  1. Interesting take on this video, Allison! I’ve seen video many times before and never looked at it this way. We should be vigilant to remember that we must always have emunah (faith) and trust no matter what comes our way… even when it appears to be bad. Kol Hakavod!!!

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