Three Ears, No Brain


Are three ears are better than two? Not really, but that didn’t stop an Australian man named Stelios Aroadiou, who fashions himself an artiste, from surgically implanting an ear onto the inside of his left forearm last week. As demented as this sounds, I have come up with three lessons from Jewish wisdom, in honor of the number of ears now attached to Aroadious’s body:

Lesson number one – just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. This lesson can be applied to other areas of your life. Please keep it in mind.

Lesson number two – there are people, unfortunately, born every single day with deformities and birth defects. If you were blessed to have been born into a healthy, normal body – don’t be an idiot and mutilate it. And mutilation extends beyond having ears implanted where they don’t belong. Use your imagination on this one.

Lesson number three – while there is nothing inherently evil about implanting an ear onto one’s arm, this man spent ten years pursuing this goal, trying to find a doctor crazy enough to perform such a surgery. Imagine waking up morning after morning for ten years thinking, “Dang, I still don’t have an ear on my arm, I must do something about that!”

While working hard to achieve one’s goals is usually a commendable thing, it is essential that a person take an honest look at the dreams he is chasing after to see if they have any inherent value. To make sure they actually matter. Because like our bodies, the time we are given in this world is precious and should be treated accordingly.

And what will become of our three-eared friend? He apparently wants to add a Bluetooth transmitter and a tiny microphone to his new ear, so that people “can listen to what my ear is hearing.” Guess what, buddy – your ear is hearing exactly what’s inside your head – nothing!

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  1. Laugh out loud funny! And a sharp, insightful commentary to boot!

  2. Not only hysterically funny, but right on the money, too.

  3. “People are people, and the world is filled with tricks and twistiness yet undreamed of.”
    — One of The Whole Earth Catalogs

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